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The John R. Wood (JRW) Marketing Program is designed to provide properties with global exposure in order to create the fastest possible sale at the highest possible price.

The Wood firm spends well into seven figures each year to bring local sellers the finest marketing available, and that’s not just verbiage.  For instance:

  • Proprietary, high quality publications---HomeLook® Magazine, Estate Lifestyles® Magazine, HomeLook® Weekly in the newspaper, Estate Galleria®, and more.  Only sellers with John R. Wood Properties can have their property in these publications.

  • Newspaper and magazine advertising – It is difficult to pick up a local print publication without seeing a JRW ad.

  • TV advertising – JRW runs extensive television advertising to help draw buyers to the web site, where they will see your home!

  • Your property will appear on multiple, well known web sites around the world.  The JRW Marketing Program is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to achieve a sale for you. JRW has won multiple awards for its web site marketing, such as best broker web site in Florida.

Please contact us with more information about the John R. Wood marketing program.


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